Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Ariel Atom 10.88 secs Fatest Car In The World

Supercars and high speed are a piece of all car enthusiasts’ fantasy. They are like endangered variety rare adequate to keep attracting our consideration over and more again and never let us get bored by means of them. However, which ones are the fastest ones? What method should be used to classify their performances?

The crest speed is one of the constant measurements, however mainly companies are not able to afford such data with absolute certainty, since it is hard to reach conditions for the highest speed of the car to be measured. Extra important elements are acceleration of up to 100 or 200 km/h, time needed for one kilometer or a quarter of a mile drive, etc.

Still, the greatest speed test proved to be the time needed for a car to speed up from the standing start to 100 miles per hour (160km/h), and then to prevent immediately. Such measurement enables an ideal ratio of necessary presentation which characterizes a car as the fastest one.


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