Monday, 16 May 2011

Kia-pop-concept-6770 Most Wanted Car In The World

Though information are sparse, we make out that Kia's wedge-shaped, battery-powered, three-seat Pop concept, will roll onto the stage in Paris any day at present. According to Kia, the sub-10 foot lengthy Pop brings, "innovative drawing chic and dramatic styling to the city most wanted car segment." We are in agreement, but you could also say that the Pop adds some fizz to the vehicles that ordinarily fall into the city car class, no?

Kia promises that, "further information will be released in due course" but the automaker has provided us with a group of latest images of its striking Pop concept. So, hit up the high-res gallery and check this door-stop idea out. What's your response? Positive? Negative? We're split on this one. Presently furnish it a look and then drop us a comment below. We're sure to have extra on the Pop concept, including some live shots from Paris, so check back soon.


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