Saturday, 7 May 2011

Maybach 62 - $385,250 Most Wanted Car

Maybach 62 features a 12 Cylinder, SOHC, 5.5 liter locomotive that can construct 543 horse power.
62 is an ultra-luxury sedan (made by Mercedes-Benz), which shockingly proves, that smooth such exclusive cars to build, can twirl into profit for car-makers.
Due to the fact that we list U.S. prices, Maybach 62 took 9th place. but the European version of Maybach 62 is more expensive than SLR McLaren (7th place) in Europe, while the retail price of U.S. story of the SLR is higher than any Maybach. It might have been more interesting not to include two such similar models from the same manufacturer, but we have certain to stick with the executive Forbes list of the mainly expensive cars.


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