Thursday, 12 May 2011

FCX Most Expensive Cars in pakistan

For over two decades, Honda engineers have been committed to building a zero-emissions car that will facilitate guard the natural surroundings for our children and future generation. Powered by an electric motor and utilizing a Honda-developed fuel-cell stack, the FCX Clarity emits no CO2, which scientists articulate is a chief contributor to climate modifies.

When Honda unveiled the first Honda fuel-cell vehicle in 1999, the fuel-cell stack in the vehicle was very large and bulky. By developing and working to perfect our own Honda fuel-cell stacks, Honda has made them significantly smaller, lighter, more compact and more powerful. As a result, the design of the vehicle itself has also gone from tall and boxy to sleek and elegant with a roomy and comfortable cabin.

Honda has brought the fuel-cell vehicle from the lab to the fleet and now, to the public. A limited number of FCX Clarity vehicles will be available for lease to qualified Southern California customers in mid-2008. And Honda is already preparing to expand the availability of these amazing vehicles as soon as convenient fueling options become more widely available.


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